Internship opportunities at Borgo di Dio

Please note that the deadline for submission of applications has been extended to Monday 17th November, at 12 o’clock.

In the frame of the project Borgo di Dio, co-financed by Fondazione Con Il Sud, we publish a call for participants for different internships. The call is addressed to unemployed people aged from 18 to 36 years, resident in Trappeto or in the neighbouring area and with competences in:

  • Ordinary maintenance service
  • Conservation of green spaces and gardens
  • Cleaning service of the premises

There will be selected:

  • 3 interns with competences in conservation of green spaces and gardens
  • 2 interns with competences in cleaning service of the premises
  • 1 intern with competences in ordinary maintenance service

Interns will work at Centro Borgo di Dio of Trappeto, from November 2014 to February 2015.

Interns’ powers and tasks

Cleaning service personnel

The selected intern has to clean up both inner and external spaces of Borgo di Dio. In particular, S/he has to take care of the training room and its toilets, of the kitchen, of rooms and their toilets, of the offices and of the external spaces that link the different areas of Borgo di Dio.

Gardening service personnel

The selected intern will clean up and tidy up the garden and the surrounding green area of Borgo di Dio. S/he has to deal with the conservation of green spaces as well as of the plants in the garden, providing to their pruning and possibly planting new ones.

Manteinance worker

The selected intern has to deal with different types of maintenance services, regarding both inner and external spaces. The working plan will include building maintenances, small repairs, support to the gardening personnel for the cleaning up and the tidying up of the external area.

The call for participants and the application form are available on this website or on our partners’ websites.

Call for internship and Application Form

If you want to participate, please submit your application, complete of all the required annexes, by 12 pm of the 10th November 2014 and send it by ordinary mail to

Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”

Via Roma 94


Every participant can apply for one or more of these interships but can be selected for one internship only.

For more information about the internship and the instructions for the application, read the call.

Set of forms

Call for internship

Application form

For more information, please call the 091 6177252.