Training courses at Centro Borgo di Dio

Formazione-al-Borgo-di-DioThe training courses organised in the frame of the project “Borgo di Dio” started on 30th October 2014 at Centro Borgo di Dio – Trappeto (Palermo).

The first training course that has been started is called “People Empowerment”. It is supervised by teachers from Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci and is aimed to give value to Human Resources. After that, the training course called “Thoughts Empowerment”, supervised by  CESIE will start. It will be aimed to appraised both cultural and artistic resources. At last, will start the training course called “Territory Empowerment”, led by Associazione Libera Palermo: it will be focused on themes such as the appraisal of local resources and their cultural and tourist potentialities. Participants, selected through a public call addressed to the inhabitants of Trappeto and of the neighbouring area, after the training will receive a certificate of attendance.

All the training courses will take place at Centro Borgo di Dio – Trappeto (Palermo) in November 2014 and will last approximately 60 hours.

For more information about the project Borgo di Dio, co-financed by Fondazione Con il Sud, you should send an email to or call the number 091 6177252, or visit our website.