Open Notice for training courses at Borgo di Dio

In the frame of the project “Borgo di Dio”, co-financed by Fondazione con il Sud, an Open Notice concerning the registration for our training courses is been published. Courses will be held in Trappeto (Palermo) at Centro Borgo di Dio.

The notice is open to the inhabitants of Trappeto and of the neighbouring area. In particular, it addresses disadvantaged people, migrants, representatives of local associations, unemployed without limits of age, gender or level of education.

Each of the three training paths proposed is aimed to give people new skills for giving value to human, cultural, artistic and tourism resources of the local area. In each path will be involved a maximum of 10 participants.  They will also receive an attendance allowance.

The Open Notice and the Application Form are available here below or on our partners’ websites.

Applications will be accepted until 28th September 2014

For more information, please call the 091.6177252